Lawncare Services

How do you and keep the perfect lawn? Easy let Lawn Care Valdosta do the job so we can keep it looking as beautiful as the first day we did it.

Let Lawn Care Valdosta take care of your lawn-care needs:

Lawn Mower

Low cost lawn mowing for the Lowndes / Valdosta Area

Weed removal
Weed removal

No more weeds & dandelions, on your lawn.

Residential Lawncare
Bucket Work

"Let's make your walkways beautiful and green!"

Hedge Trimming

As well as Small Tree & Shrub Pruning

Mulch / Pine Straw

Let us freshen things up by applying Mulch / Pine straw

Commercial Lawncare
Tractor Work
Box Blade Mover
Commercial Lawns
Happy Valdosta Clients
Yards Mowed
Hedges Trimmed
Lawn Care Specialists of Valdosta

Landscaping Design & Installation

Lawn Care Valdosta’s experts can further beautify your property with the upkeep of your shrubs, and flowers. We can add some pop to your yard with seasonal color by planting annuals and perennials in window boxes, hanging baskets, and flower beds. A member of our team will meet with you to discuss your landscaping needs, budget, and the look you are wanting.
Our team will properly handle your landscaping and install your plants thus reducing the amount of stress on your plants as they adjust to their new environment. Lawn Care Specialists of Valdosta